Health Care Department Operations Manual

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The Health Care Department Operations Manual (HCDOM) outlines the delivery of medical and dental care provided to patients. All of the provisions are designed to meet the minimum community standard of health care and are the most current version available.

Chapter 1 Health Care Governance and Administration

Article 1 Statewide Health Care Governance

Article 2 Health Care Program Governance

Article 3 Health Care Workforce Governance

Article 4 Professional Workforce

Chapter 2 Patients' Entitlements and Responsibilities

Article 1 Provision of Health Care Services

Article 2 Confidentiality and Privacy

Article 3 Health Information Management

Article 4 Health Care Directives

Chapter 3 Health Care Operations

Article 1 Complete Care Model

Article 2 Pharmacy and Medication Services

Article 3 Dental Care


Article 4 Telehealth

Article 5 Pharmacy

Article 6 Durable Medical Equipment/Supplies and Accommodations

Article 7 Emergency Medical Response

Article 8 Public Health

Chapter 5 Administrative

Article 1 General Administration

Article 2 Human Resources

Article 3 Information Technology

Article 4 Labor Relations

Article 5 Business Services

Article 6 Contracts and Procurement

Article 7 Fiscal Services

Article 8 Nursing Services

Article 9 Training