Privacy Statement

The California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) values and protects information privacy and places strict controls on the gathering and use of personally identifiable Information. Personal information is not disclosed, made available or otherwise used for purposes other than those specified at the time of collection, except with authorized consent or as authorized by law or regulation. Privacy concerns specific to CCHCS are:

    • The CCHCS gathers information through lawful means. Subsequent use of the information is limited to and consistent with the purpose(s) provided at the time of collection. California law states some information submitted or accessed may become public records under the Public Records Act. There are limitations that protect personal information from inclusion with public records.
    • The Department has policies, procedures, controls and mitigation measures as required by law to decrease the risk to information and assets from accidental or intentional disclosure, modification or destruction.
    • E-mail is considered a communication tool; information/data sent via e-mail may not be secured or encrypted. If an individual completes a survey or sends the CCHCS an e-mail message, the e-mail address and the information submitted will be collected and may be provided to other State agencies to improve services. Do not send any confidential or personal data via e-mail such as a social security number, account number, credit card number, or other personal or sensitive data.
    • If granted access to internal CCHCS systems and data, you are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your user ID, password, other unique identifiers (e.g., PIN) as well as the CCHCS information/data related to that access. If you provide your user ID, password, or unique identifier to anyone else, they may be able to access your confidential information as authorized on our systems.
    • As part of an electronic session, CCHCS may collect some non-confidential data, such as the time, date, and session activity. The CCHCS may place and subsequently retrieve simple text files called “cookies” that identify you and your computer to our Internet/Intranet/Extranet sites. Cookies do not contain personal or confidential information about you and will only be used to monitor activity.
    • CCHCS does not sell or distribute information to non-governmental third party without authorized consent or as authorized by law or regulation. CCHCS employees use personal information submitted by others on a need-to-know basis.
    • CCHCS stores or uses personal information submitted only for the time necessary. Regularly scheduled destruction of records no longer needed is a CCHCS standard practice. When no longer required, personally identifiable information is destroyed via purging, magnetic degaussing or erasing, shredding and/or other means of authorized confidential destruction.
    • Revised May 28, 2015

As a public agency, CCHCS understands the importance of maintaining an individual’s privacy and will make every attempt to maintain trust and confidence regarding the collection and use of personal information.

This Privacy Statement has been developed and is maintained in accordance with the Information Practices Act of 1977 (Title 1.8 [commencing with Section 1798] of Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code), Sections 11015.5 and 11019.9 of the Government Code.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Statement, please contact the CCHCS Privacy Office:

Privacy Office

California Correctional Health Care Services
P.O. 588500, Suite C-3
Elk Grove, CA 95758-8500