Reports & Court Orders

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Turnaround Plan of Action

Receiver’s Turnaround Plan of Action
(formerly called Receiver’s Strategic Plan)

Receiver’s Draft Strategic Plan

Responses to Receiver’s Draft Strategic Plan

Receiver’s Plan of Action

Court Orders

On this dropdown, key Plata court orders are listed in chronological order. The format of these documents has been modified for web accessibility. Original documents filed in Plata v. Brown are publicly available at












Dashboard & Performance Improvement

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Dashboard Glossary

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Expert Evaluations

In September 2012, the Federal Court, in Order Re: Receivership Transition Plan and Expert Evaluations, requested that the Court medical experts conduct evaluations at each CDCR prison to determine whether an institution is in substantial compliance. The Order contemplates that an institution “shall be deemed to be in substantial compliance, and therefore constitutionally adequate, if it receives an overall OIG score of at least 75% and an evaluation from at least two of the three court experts that the institution is providing adequate care.”

In conducting the reviews, the medical experts evaluated essential components to an adequate health care system. These include organizational structure, health care infrastructure (e.g.clinical space, equipment, etc.), health care processes, and the quality of care.

Special Reports

Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Report

State Leadership Accountability Act Report

Medically Necessary, Potentially Sterilizing Procedures Annual Report

Improvements in the Quality of California’s Prison Medical Care System

Options for Long-Term Care Bed Construction

Projected Need for Long-Term Facilities

Overcrowding Report

Receiver’s May Revise FY 07-08

Monthly Reports

For all future monthly metrics, please reference the Health Care Services Dashboard.